We are always looking for fresh faces and items for the shop! If you are a crafter, maker, artist, creative, etc., apply to consign your work with us! If you have any questions, check out the FAQ below and click on the form to apply!
Please email 5 photos of your work to

Kitsch Consignment FAQs:

What constitutes Handmade? All items must be designed and produced by the person applying to consign. One exception is that you are a digital illustrator, photographer, or traditional artist that has prints made outside of the studio(bonus points for people that do their own printing and keep editions of prints low)

About the photos thing. My camera doesn't take good pictures. Good photos are VERY important! We unfortunately do not have the room to take in unsolicited samples. Even phones can take a decent picture nowadays. A few tips to taking a good photo for the non-photo inclined: Lots of indirect, bright, NATURAL light. Turn the flash off and take your items outside in open shade, like a covered porch.  Avoid direct sun, as it may cause dark shadows. Keep your background SIMPLE. Neutral and solid colors don't distract from what we want to see - the product.  Please don't send filtered images, ie Instagram/vintage Photoshop actions/Hipstamatic. We need to see the real color and quality of the product.

I submitted my application, now what? Applications are reviewed twice monthly. Please be patient!  Feel free to check with us via email if you aren't sure your submission went through.  Good photos and descriptions will help your application be processed in a timely manner. Applicants are weighed on quality, packaging, uniqueness and similarity to items already in the store, and well, if we think it'll sell in our market.

What is the consignment split? 60% artist 40% shop for art and handmade goods, 70% artist 30% shop for workshops. There are no monthly rent or fees above that.

How long do you keep items? We evaluate items on a seasonal basis. Due to our small size, we need to make sure things stay fresh. If something just isn't moving, we will contact you(or even better you contact us) to either mark items down, run a "sale"(we never discount things without discussing it with the artist) or return the items to the maker. We make efforts to feature different artists online and displays in the shop - please make sure you are staying on top of your own inventory and freshening items up as well - things often do not sell well if a customer doesn't have choices or keeps seeing the same items. If we do not get a response from the maker concerning pick up of items being returned within 30 days or some other form of communication, then we reserve the right to donate those items.

I primarily do custom work. Can I provide you with an example and have people order from you? Most people that come in our shop want to leave with their purchase that day. We do get requests from customers for customized products,  but usually it's based on a product we already have, like a child's hat that they want in a different color or different size. Having a selection of ready made items is key to getting custom orders - customers can visualize what they will be getting when they ask for a similar, but different item. We are not set up for completely custom items without ready made examples for sale.

I have a show coming up, can I remove my items for a bit and bring back unsold items? NO. This causes a big headache in our inventory system. Items can only be removed if you're refreshing/rotating your stock. Any removal of work needs to be arranged at least one week in advance.

Do you do wholesale? Yes, we consider wholesale for certain items.  We also will try something on a consignment basis and if the products seem popular and sell well we would be happy to switch to wholesale. 

I'm new to this selling thing. How do I price my work? Take a moment to work out how much your supplies cost and how long it takes you to make something. Also factor in how much you spend outside of the actual product, ie. business cards/website/packaging/booth fees/Etsy fees etc. Also look up what similar items sell for on sites such as Etsy, at shows, etc. If you feel the need to mark up your show/online price to accommodate the consignment fee, note that a) the price needs to be a dollar or two within your online price + shipping and b)very similar to your show price to make it fair for consumers - you will also get better sales and happier customers that way. As an aside, having a consistent price structure will also help you in the long run in case you get wholesale orders (which are typically 50% of retail price) and help your bottom line and choosing of shows - for example: if you spent 30$ on a booth, bought 25$ in display materials, 5$ for lunch,  and 5$ in gas to get there(this is not including putting a price on your time involved setting up and sitting with your work for the day) you would need to make at least $130 before you start pulling above what you'd make from a wholesale order.

Packaging? Our inventory sticker needs to reside somewhere. Take a careful look at your tagging. Is it attractive and set off your work or detract from it?  Earrings need to dangle from cards - small, compact and consistent work best. Other jewelry should have small tags as well with your business info -people like to know how to find more by the same artist. This will help you build a following in the shop and create recognition when folks see you at shows or in other shops. Greeting cards work best in small, open, plastic sleeves to keep envelopes with the card. Prints need to be at the very least backed with board and bagged. We're finding that most other items packaged in plastic are less appealing - people like to touch tea towels or try jewelry on. As an added tip, make sure your packaging doesn't overpower your product. If the first thing you see when you look at your item is the tagging, you've overdone it. If you have any questions about this, look around other stores and see what you like for inspiration. We are also very happy to help with any questions.

How do I get paid?  Checks are sent out by the 7th of each month for sales happening in the prior month. Once an artist is accepted, they have the choice of picking up a check or having it mailed. We are also able to pay through PayPal. If an artist makes less than $20, it will roll over to next month.

Other questions can be sent to us via email -, by calling (757)961-9855, or via our facebook page.